The Flex Belt A Worth While Tool To Tone Your Abs?

by admin on October 16, 2012

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The Flex BeltWhile get fit quick isn’t something I like to fall victim to, when I saw the commercial for the Flex Belt my interest was to say the least perked. I wondered, how effective can these electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) devices actually be? It seemed to me that a device that was cleared by the FDA had to hold some merit right? So I decided to do a bit of my own recon work try and determine if the Flex Belt was something worth adding to my ab toning tool box.

The theory behind the device

The theory behind EMS is that a slight electronic pulse is sent through the skin and over the nerve endings which connect to your abdominis and obliques. The EMS current causes your abs to contract, similar to if you were doing an exercise and using the muscles to actually do the work. When the stimulation shuts off your muscles relax.

Over a period of about 20 minutes this process (EMS turning on and off) can occur more then 100 times with varying intensities. When I dug into some research and read the Wikipedia article on EMS I found that this technology is widely used in the medical field for rehabilitation and also by professional athletes for recovery and muscle soreness relief.

There is actually another name that some people call the technology which is TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). While the ab devices talk of EMS some back pain relief devices I found referred to the technology as TENS.

Does it Actually Work?

Well, I personally used the device for about six weeks and I got some good results. Now I am a pretty active guy and I eat a healthy diet anyways because I run a lot. If you’re someone who eats a ton of junk food and doesn’t tend to do a lot of other physical activity then there’s a chance you’re not going to get the same results I did. You need to willing to not only wear the belt consistently but also lead a healthy and active lifestyle so that your body fat percentage is low enough to produce visible results.

Here are a few Images from my profession with the device.

This is from when I first started with the device.

Week 1

This is at about the 3rd week mark

Results week 3

This is at about the 5-6 week mark

week 5 results

NOTE: The red marks that are on my stomach are from the belt. I took each of these shots directly after I was done my session wearing the device. They went away of course after a few minutes.

Not For Weight Loss

Now this made perfect sense to me, but I’m sure there are a few of you reading this that may takes this as a surprise, but The Flex Belt doesn’t help you lose any weight. You’ve got to do this part on your own. The review I found at made mention of this more then once in his review which made me feel as though he was trying to level with his readers.

EMS is about toning muscles not weight loss, although I can see where the misleading information might come in. You see fitness models wearing a product and automatically think that this device can make me look like that. I feel for it as well while watching the commercial.

The theory of spot reduction, which suggests by working one area of your body you’ll burn fat from that area isn’t true, and that’s not just for using an ab toning belt. The same goes for doing sit-ups, leg lunges or arm workouts. When we burn fat we burn it from every where not just one specific part.

Toning Ability

Other reviews I read before getting my own belt were mixed, however the negative reviews rarely spoke of The Flex Belt not strengthening or toning their abs. Their complaints were more to do with the fact that they didn’t lose weight (I covered why not above). The majority of positive reviews seemed to suggest that the belt did as advertised, it toned and firmed the users abdominals.

I dear say that the results you achieve are directly related to how often you use the belt. If you’re consistent with its use and increase the intensity you use every few days you’ll likely get results.

Will you tone your abs and get a flatter stomach?

The Whole Program

I think The Flex Belt has a place in developing sexy toned abs. However I don’t think that on its own it will take you very far. You need to be eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and leading an over all healthy lifestyle.

Getting rock hard abs and a flatter tummy isn’t about the destination of achieving the goal. It’s about the journey you take to get there and the lifestyle changes you make, for the better, along the way.

Just to touch on the weight loss topic again, if you are carrying a lot of belly fat then you could have the hardest abs around but no on is going to see them through the fat covering your stomach. So first things first you need to get rid of that belly fat (visit the rest of our blog for help with that). Once you begin to reduce the belly fat then you’ll start to see those abs shining through.

So is it worth Buying?

If you’ve made it this far in this post and you’re still interested then yes you should buy the Flex Belt and try it out. The official website says they offer a sixty day money back guarantee which should give you more then enough time to try it out and see if you like it.

Remember what I said, don’t expect to see results just from sitting on the couch four days a week and wearing this device. You need to get active, burn belly fat and eat a healthy diet. Of course these are all things we should be doing for ourselves anyways, but often overlook.

To buy the Flex Belt visit their official website. They’ve got the best price online and as mentioned above offer the money back guarantee.

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That’s it. You’re done. Enjoy your Flex Belt.

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